Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

It is very important to protect the personal information of customers who use our website

Rabakes will strictly manage your personal information so that you can shop with confidence on this website. We fully comply and follow GDPR principles.

About personal information

Personal information is information that can identify a specific individual, such as the name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, age, etc. provided and registered to the customer on this website. It includes information that can be specified in and refers to the information on the customer’s purchase history, inquiry history by e-mail, etc. at our company.

About collection of personal information

Normally, you do not need to give any personal information when using our website, and you are free to use it anonymously. However, we ask that you enter your name, address, phone number, email address, etc, when purchasing products, making inquiries, product reviews, etc. At that time, the following information is obtained using cookies, etc.

  • Information such as the model type of access terminal and OS
  • Advertising identifier number assigned to each device
  • IP address information
  • Information about internet connection
  • location information
  • Referrer (reference source) information
  • Information about the surfing URL, date, time, and so forth.
  • Information from the server logs

About the purpose of using personal information

This website collects and utilizes personal data for the following reasons:

  • To ship the ordered items and to contact them and provide related after-sales service.
  • To provide various information about our services such as new product information and issuance of e-mail newsletters by mail or e-mail.
    However, if you do not wish to provide information, you can stop providing information by registering and then contacting us by e-mail or other means, or by registering for changes.
  • We will strictly manage the credit card information (card number and accompanying information), and we may inquire the credit card company about the credit card information and the customer’s name for payment.
  • Customer feedback, questionnaire results, use history, and so on.
  • To save login information so that the next member may log in quickly. Cookies are used by us, and you can choose whether or not to accept them.
  • Used when necessary for other website operations.
  • Due to GDPR rules, we need explicit consent from users before processing their data.

About management of personal information

We shall take necessary information security measures against unauthorized access, computer viruses, and other threats to avoid the loss, destruction, falsification, and leaking of personal information.

Disclosure of personal information

  • With the customer’s permission.
  • When it is required to reveal information to a subcontractor who has signed a confidentiality agreement with us to carry out the collecting purpose indicated by the client.
  • When statistical data is processed to the point that the individual customer is no longer identifiable.
  • When a request for legal services is received from a government agency.
  • If we deem it necessary to retain a significant benefit to your life, health, or property.
  • About revision of this policy
  • We may revise this policy as necessary.
  • In such a case, we’ll post a notice on this page to let you know about the change.

Scope of application

This website is covered by the above-mentioned privacy policy. Pages with the address will, in general, be found on this site. We will continue to deliver high-quality services and aim to meet the needs of our clients while safeguarding their personal information. Thank you for your assistance with the protection of our customers’ personal information.

If you desire to reveal, correct, or stop using or providing personal information, please contact the following individuals.

WHATSAPP: +44 7908 090811 &

+44 7495647145