Food Safety


At Rabakes we guarantee you a fresh and balanced range of ingredients. Your cake from tastes as delicious as it looks. We bake freshly with the best ingredients available in stores like Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury, Aldi etc. As Rabakes is a home-based small bakery, hence we take food safety very carefully. All of our baking stuff is kept in one separate fridge and there are designated cabinets and area in Kitchen where all the baking happens. At Rabakes we maintain the highest level of hygiene and food safety standard and also ensure that no cross-contamination of food occurs. To all of our customers, we recommend consuming our cakes or cupcakes within 7 days and keep them in a fridge or refrigerator for longer life. You can take out cake or cupcakes from the fridge 30-45 mins before serving. We make nut free/ egg free cakes as well and you can inform us about any food allergens while you ordering a cake so we will exclude those ingredients from your order.