Allergy Ingredient Information


At Rabakes Ltd we use many ingredients, some of which may cause an allergic reaction when consumed. We would love everyone who loves cake to enjoy our cakes, even if they have allergies or special dietary requirements, and we can supply gluten-free egg-free and nut-free cakes, BUT we don’t have a gluten-free, egg-free or nut-free kitchen and it is possible that traces of these allergens may be present even in our ‘free-from’ products.

We are, however, able to take reasonably effective measures to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination of these allergens to our nut and gluten-free products: preparing, assembling and packaging them using sterilised utensils and working areas, and at different times to standard cakes. 

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has sent all food businesses in the UK a list of 14 allergens. In our cakes we use the following:

This is contained in our plain and self-raising flour. We can substitute almond flour or coconut flour in many of our cakes; both are particularly successful in chocolate cakes. We are happy to make gluten and wheat free cakes. This can be whole cakes, cupcakes or particular tiers. NB. There is a small risk of cross contamination with other tiers when the cake is dismantled and cut by your venue. Should this be a problem, we recommend that you purchase a gift-box of gluten free cupcakes or a separate gift cake for you or your guest.

We no longer use peanuts or cashew nuts in any of our products, and have not used them since acquiring the equipment we currently use for mixing ingredients. We do use other form of nuts which include ground almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pecans and pistachios.

These are used in all our cakes, unless a customer specifies that a cake needs to be eggless. This is not a problem; there are a number of effective alternatives for eggs in most baked goods. It does however mean that we cannot decorate the cake with buttercream, which contains pasteurised egg white. To make egg free cake we can use Applesauce: ¼ cup unsweetend applesauce or Banana: ½ cup mashed banana or condensed milk: 4 tablespoons of condensed milk or coconut condensed milk

We use butter, buttermilk, cream, semi-skimmed milk and cream cheese, all of which contain the allergen milk. A dairy-free frosting can be made with solid vegetable fat, but we would not use it to cover a whole cake, or  cupcakes.

This is contained in the chocolate we use.

Sulphur Dioxide
This allergen is used as a preservative in dried fruits, and in prepared lemon juice. We do not use it and can not make an order if customer ask for these items.



All of our cakes are baked using ingredients that are suitable for vegetarians who eat dairy and eggs. We avoid animal products such as gelatine, sometimes found in food colourings. The cheese used in our cream cheese frosting is vegetarian.


We do not make vegan cakes.

Diabetic Cakes

It is not our practice to offer cakes for diabetics, as neither cake nor buttercream is naturally diabetic friendly. We also understand that diabetes is a complex condition and the same ingredients affect different people in dissimilar ways. We are always happy to try and assist you, so please call us.



We do not use these ingreditents in baking items.